Car Rental Costs: How To Keep Them Low

There are many reasons and occasions when it is logical for people do a one way car rental. Many people will tell you that one way car rental is very expensive. That it’s not possible to get one way car rental discount. It is true that some car rental companies feel that one way car rental is risky to their business as often the car will leave the state, but not all car rental companies operate this way. Instead of phoning around to car rental agencies, look for one way car rental discount deals on the internet.

The internet is absolutely the best resource and you can do comparative shopping easily. The internet is especially valuable when you are looking for discount car rental Europe. You save a huge amount of time and effort to scout out car rental companies in Europe online. You can also check the latest exchange rates, and make sure that this is not a deciding factor in how expensive a rental may end up.

When you are planning a trip to Europe for business or vacation, but you also want one way car rental discount, this is how to get it. You might want to drive to a specific destination, but fly back home. Then it’s absolutely convenient, once you have found the perfect one way car rental discount deal, to book it online.

Make Sure Of All Facts About One Way Car Rental Discount

Looking online is the fastest way to make sure what policies the different rental car companies have regarding their rental packages and whether they offer one way car rental discount. Once you have found the right one way car rental discount deal that suits you best, there are other factors to consider. Make sure to read the rental agreement through thoroughly and if it is not stated clearly, make sure of any penalties.

Also, make sure whether the one way car rental discount price includes or excludes the fee if there will be a second driver in the car. This is important as some car rental companies charge an additional fee for a second driver. Find out what the drop off charges are as well as other fees such as airport fees, insurance costs for different packages and taxes.

If it’s a company in another country, please check the current exchange rate. Renting a car and sending money at the wrong time can cost more. Make use of sites which offer latest currency rates, and send the money when the rate is in your favor.

It is your responsibility to make sure that everything is above board. If you neglect any details your one way car rental discount deal can turn into a nasty shock and become a very expensive deal. The benefit of a one way car rental discount deal is that many companies see this as a benefit to their company. It is better to have a rental car bring in a one-way deal fee than sit idly.

Having a Plan To Gain Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom can mean slightly different things to different people. Some interpret this to mean the ability to be free from financial worries, while others believe that to be financially free means not having to work nine to five years working to pay the bills. Another popular concept of financial freedom is the ability to buy extravagant items as luxury cars or exotic vacations.

The exact definition of financial freedom can vary, but in the broadest sense, is simply an improvement in their financial situation.

For financial freedom, there are some specific action steps to be taken.

1. Specific set time-bound targets
2. Developing a budget
3. Rid of debt
4. Savings and investments
5. Indemnification

Specific set time-bound targets

Goal setting is important to achieve financial freedom because it outlines the things you want to save. Having a little ‘a written list of things I want to make them easier to reach. Why are the front line and could therefore be set aside money to give them life. Setting targets is a motivating force and a way to track performance, so you get two big advantages of performance.

Developing a budget

a budget is a simple plan of how to spend the income and recorded. There must be a column for the money and the categories of expenses and their debt to take account of the money. The budgets must be realistic to work. Many budgets not because they are too ambitious or that are made and never consulted. You must make sure that you are committed to their budgets to see the results.

Rid of debt

it ‘hard to reach complete financial freedom, if they are related to the payment of debt. To pay a debt of priority and is developing a plan to make the lump sum to reduce the amount outstanding.

Savings and investments

Construction of a personal budget to help whip your finances into shape, so you may find that you currently have excess money to save and invest. Start building an emergency fund and to allocate all funds above this amount to invest to improve performance. Does not increase the balance of your savings account, if you want to combat the continuing threat of inflation. You should learn as much as possible about the different investment products such as stock index trackers.


to provide insurance for the unexpected. Nobody thinks of his house burn, fall ill or if they have a history of illness in his family, but these things can happen. If you are in a position I never thought it would take over security for you and your family for all the hard work had not been in vain.

You can achieve financial freedom, but we must make a conscious effort. Just not the case, you must have a plan and then take steps to realize their dreams.

3 Common Mistakes To Avoid On Your Website Homepage

Writing a homepage is one of the first and most important steps in building a website. When writing content for your webpage, you need to keep in mind that you are writing the very first page that your visitors will see. In many ways, your homepage is the “make or break” part of your site. It is the page that can either entice your visitor to explore the rest of your website or it can simply encourage him to click out. Whether you are trying to write a homepage for the first time you are trying to revise your existing content, make sure you avoid these common homepage writing mistakes.

Not doing research about your target audience. When it comes to web writing in general, it’s important to have a clear idea about the type of audience you are writing for. This can be compared to making a speech in public. For your speech to become a success, it needs to be in line with your listeners’ interest and needs. For instance, profound anecdotes about family and parenting might appeal to a group of mothers but not to a group of teenagers. The same concept applies to writing your homepage. An effective homepage immediately grabs the interest of the reader. So before you write, make sure you do some research about your potential visitors.

Putting everything on your homepage. Now that you know how much your homepage can impact the success of your website, it’s natural to feel some pressure when writing for this page. You might even try to squeeze all your selling points into your homepage. This is a common mistake that you should avoid. Your homepage is not the place for you to discuss the history of your business or rave about how neat your product or service is. Save these details for the “About” and “Customer Testimonials” pages. Your goal in writing your homepage is to make a concise but powerful sell. Let your visitors know right away that your website has what they are looking for and they will automatically explore your other pages.

Not updating your homepage. A static homepage is not exactly a major mistake but if you want to stand out from the rest of the competition then you might want to keep your homepage updated. This doesn’t mean that you should rewrite your homepage content every week. Instead, regularly add details to keep your homepage interesting. For instance, you can incorporate a “Tip of the Week”. Or if you have a new press release, you can put a teaser in the homepage that leads to the appropriate link of the press release page. Not only will you keep your regular visitors interested but you can also boost your ranking since search engines love fresh and updated content.

Which Blog Platform to use WordPress or Community Server

A question I get asked on a regular basis from friends, co-workers and readers of my various blogs and websites is what blogging platform should they use, in general I point them in the direction of either WordPress or Community Server and the answer I give them depends very much on what they want to do and their slant in the operating system world.

Below is a brief overview of both WordPress and Community Server with a list of each platforms best features and why you would want to chose one of the other.


Many people laugh when I mention a blogging platform other than WordPress, and it is this popularity and hard-core following that makes it arguably the best blogging engine. WordPress has been around for years and as you could imagine is very well developed, with literally hundreds if not thousands of free plug-ins, modules, and themes.

The out of the box theme does look a little dated but what hides within is a highly configurable and flexible.

The Top Features or reasons for choosing WordPress:

· Most popular blogging engine in the world (Excluding provided services such as yahoo, MySpace, Blogger )

· Because of the popularity of WordPress thousands of plug-ins, modules and themes exist that are updated when a new version of WordPress is released

· Lots of users means lots of documentation and support, there are thousands of people that are happy to help you to get your blog up and running or provide advice when something goes wrong and needs to be fixed.

· WordPress is free and runs on with PHP and MySQL which are also free.

· Great for users who are familiar with Linux and PHP


· Runs on PHP which regularly has security issues, which is not an issue if you regularly update your PHP install

· WordPress is only a blogging platform (no forums, photo gallery)

· Harder to be configured to act as a traditional website with articles.

Community Server

Community Server is more than just a blogging platform but in fact a Community Platform with Blogging, forums, and photo galleries. Being a community platform it is designed to host multiple blogs.

Compared to WordPress Community server is a lot younger and does not have anywhere near as many plug-ins, modules and themes, but from my experienced of both Community Server and WordPress community server is easier to theme with its Chameleon Teaming engine.

Top features or reasons for choosing Community Server:

· Runs on IIS, asp dot net and MS SQL so If you’re a Windows person this might be a good reason to choose Community Server

· Community Server is quickly being adopted by big enterprise for their companies internal and external blogging platform, some of the companies that have adopted Community Server include, Microsoft, Intel, Readers Digest, National Geographic, MSNBC Blogs, Mazda, Honda (Internal), Electronic Arts, Visa, MySpace (for their community forums)

· Community Server is more than a Blogging platform, but a community platform, with blogging, forum, and picture gallery options.

· Free edition available for personal use named “Personal Edition”

· Very easy to use and administer

· Community Server was developed with Search Engine Optimization in mind, which means its easier to get your articles higher in Google and other search engines.

· Easy to turn into a traditional website


· The biggest disadvantage with Community Server is the licensing aspect/cost of the technologies it runs on, Windows Server, IIS, MSSQL, but many hosting companies such as GoDaddy offer Community Server with no additional cost.

· Younger product with less plug-ins, modules, and support than WordPress.

I would recommend Community Server if you are a Windows, or Microsoft Technology person with skills in Asp, IIS, MSSQL. I you require more than just a blog, for instance Photo Gallery, and or forums, with its shared, account/membership database. If you are a Linux, PHP, MySQL person and want a very stable well established platform then go for WordPress.

As I have said the best platform depends on what you require and your personal experience with various technologies. Personally I am a Microsoft person so the majority of websites and blogs I develop are with Community Server, yet have developed some sites and blogs with WordPress when there is a feature that is missing in Community Server. I love the fact I have a forums and photo gallery integrated into Community Server, it gives my blogs and websites and additional dimension and find blogs, forums and photo galleries complement each other, allowing a richer website and Community.

I have mentioned about Windows, IIS, ASP, Linux, MySQL, MSSQL knowledge, if you are a person that does not have knowledge don’t be put off either WordPress or Community Server, as there are many website hosting companies that will automate your WordPress or Community Server install, and you will be able to develop a very professional looking blog without this knowledge. This knowledge comes handy for someone like myself who wants to tinker with and perform complex customizations.

Web Services Aimed at the Financial Community

After three years of development, Web services are becoming established as enterprise and extranet middleware, enabling inter-business transactions and information flow by means of open and agreed message standards. Community collaboration can now be achieved without the need for great technical co-operation between competing firms, delivering savings for those that participate.

But overall, Web services and the adoption of the interfaces needed to deliver quantifiable benefits are still at an early stage. Many companies are still looking for bite-size steps that can be taken in the near term that will deliver the measurable benefits required to build a credible business case.

Meeting customer expectations with legacy systems

For many, one of the key areas in which Web services are providing value is in meeting growing customer demand for access to expertise or information via the telephone or Web. Much of the information these customers need is sitting on disparate legacy systems that were never designed to be accessed by customers and have no user-friendly interface. Building ‘point solutions’ that solve each customer requirement individually is expensive and time consuming. By using a Web services-based approach and providing interfaces to legacy systems, designers can build a library of services that can be used in numerous customer-facing applications.

In the retail finance industry, this information can be delivered via a help desk whose agents have access via a portal to what can be literally hundreds of legacy systems. Furthermore, data can also be delivered directly to customers through self-service Web applications that hide the complexity of the legacy systems behind them. This approach to both legacy and new applications is called a service-oriented architecture, as it enables applications to be built into new services relatively quickly without any modifications being made to the original functionality of the application.

Identity checking

Another area of customer service where Web services can help is with identity checking. The revision and tightening of the rules to prevent money laundering have brought with them a major headache for the retail finance industry. The regulations have made opening new accounts something of an obstacle course for customers, who often blame the bank for making this process so difficult. While the reaction of the high-street banks to these regulations has so far been a fairly uniform set of rules for the customer to present certain key documents, there is an obvious opportunity for any bank that substantially improves the experience for their customers. There are clear benefits to be gained from a Web service that can check an individual’s identity by reference to a range of data sources, such as electoral role and electricity supply.

Aggregation and netting

Web services can also help in the area of aggregation and netting – giving the ability to pull together assets and liabilities across lines of business. Previously, solutions would be created that focus on specific product lines, so that customers would receive multiple statements or reports from different parts of the organization. The growing prevalence of Web services capability now allows interfaces to be built for both new and legacy projects. This is leading to the creation of applications and databases that provide a platform built for rapid cross business aggregation. This will enable retail banks to provide customers with a consolidated view of all their dealings with the organization, spanning multiple product lines. Similarly in the wholesale finance industry, there is the potential for new applications that can look across instruments and spot arbitrage or new derivative opportunities.

Top Tips For Pulling Traffic To Your Blog

Usually the big question that lots of people are asking is which are the guaranteed strategies of being successful in earning a revenue while you work online at home? The blogging phenomenon is catching up with nearly with everybody, making it pretty tough for bloggers to accomplish online visibly. This is especially so for bloggers seeking to make a profit blogging. Now with many hundreds of blogs coming up each day, you’ll want to be one step ahead to be certain of receiving an income whilst you work online via blogging.

These are some few good tricks you can easily work with:

* Stir up A Hot Debate:
In your niche there are usually general beliefs or practices, all you have to do is post a blog that critic these ideas. This would end up raising a huge uproar and hot debate and in due course build up interest in your web publication therefore a boost in traffic. In order for this to run appropriately, just be sure to have your fasts right thereby making your case persuading. Be careful, assuming your assertion is not weighty you might find yourself bringing down your online presence.

* Originality and Gossip:

gossipBy nature, we like gossip be it men or women hence, you can possibly utilize this fact to begin a wildfire and so earn money as you work online from home as a result of traffic you will have generated. The purpose here is to become the first one to publish about a matter. Keep yourself updated with the happenings in your industry and instantly you observe something new be the first to post it on your website. Write comments about the most recent news within your market niche before people get to know about them.

* Put your standards high:
Any entry you add on your blogging site should be of superior quality. With this am talking about avoiding grammar and spelling glitches. Start using systems like Microsoft Word to set up your website content and likewise get a good friend to analyze your write ups before you can publish them. Basically, with well crafted blog posts you’re going to expand your online presence and thereby be certain of building a reliable income as you work online at home even while blogging.

Find out more informative and authoritative procedures on proven blogging hints and as a result increasing revenue as you work online from home.

This Is What Slows Your Website Down

Sometimes when you are new to web design, there are some mistakes you make unknowingly. When I started out with designing websites, there were things that I did and my sites were extremely slow when it came to loading the pages. I quickly did some adjusting and learned how to speed my websites up. If you have run into that problem with your website, don’t feel bad, we have all been there. However, there are some things you need to do in order to speed it up. A slow website will definitely cause you to lose visitors.

The first thing you need to do is check your images. Having large images will definitely slow your computer down. So, if you are going to use images, use small images and drop the quality of them. Believe it or not, dropping the quality of an image from 100% to 75% will help a great deal.

You should also use CSS for your images and layout instead of using HTML and tables. Using CSS will definitely speed your website up when it comes to loading. You can use CSS for your background, images, tables, text styles, and more. Just by changing from the tables to CSS will improve your site unbelievably.

Avoid Javascript and too much Flash when you can. Though Java and Flash are cool, they can put a real hurting on the speed of your site loading. I’m not saying don’t use Flash at all, just avoid overloading your site with Flash. Too much Flash will slow it down way too much and it can also become tacky and irritating to the visitor.

Don’t fill your site up with videos and Flash Intros. Some people love to use Flash Intros all over their site and using a large Flash Intro will bring your website almost to a stand still in loading. As far as the videos, if you are going to use videos, embed them into your site and allow the visitor to click Play if they want to watch the video. Having videos set to play automatically will slow the load of the site that as well!