This Is What Slows Your Website Down

Sometimes when you are new to web design, there are some mistakes you make unknowingly. When I started out with designing websites, there were things that I did and my sites were extremely slow when it came to loading the pages. I quickly did some adjusting and learned how to speed my websites up. If you have run into that problem with your website, don’t feel bad, we have all been there. However, there are some things you need to do in order to speed it up. A slow website will definitely cause you to lose visitors.

The first thing you need to do is check your images. Having large images will definitely slow your computer down. So, if you are going to use images, use small images and drop the quality of them. Believe it or not, dropping the quality of an image from 100% to 75% will help a great deal.

You should also use CSS for your images and layout instead of using HTML and tables. Using CSS will definitely speed your website up when it comes to loading. You can use CSS for your background, images, tables, text styles, and more. Just by changing from the tables to CSS will improve your site unbelievably.

Avoid Javascript and too much Flash when you can. Though Java and Flash are cool, they can put a real hurting on the speed of your site loading. I’m not saying don’t use Flash at all, just avoid overloading your site with Flash. Too much Flash will slow it down way too much and it can also become tacky and irritating to the visitor.

Don’t fill your site up with videos and Flash Intros. Some people love to use Flash Intros all over their site and using a large Flash Intro will bring your website almost to a stand still in loading. As far as the videos, if you are going to use videos, embed them into your site and allow the visitor to click Play if they want to watch the video. Having videos set to play automatically will slow the load of the site that as well!